Payroll (PAYE)

Payroll (PAYE) services are integral to managing employee compensation in the UK, facilitating accurate calculation and distribution of wages while ensuring compliance with tax regulations and employment laws.

Our Services Include:

  1. Income Tax and Employers National Insurance Contribution (NIC) Calculation: Accurately computing taxes and NIC deductions.
  2. Monthly Payslip Provision: Issuing detailed payslips to your employees on a monthly basis.
  3. Employer Registration with Pension Regulator: Assisting in the registration process as an employer with the Pension Regulator.
  4. Administration of Employer Worker Pension Scheme: Managing the setup and ongoing operation of your employer worker pension scheme.
  5. End of Year Reporting (P60) Processing: Handling the preparation and submission of end-of-year reports (P60) to HMRC on your behalf.